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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer sliding scale pricing?

We reserve a few spots in our schedules for clients who are unable to afford the full fee/do not receive a superbill.

We and our sliding scale clients deeply appreciate those who are privileged enough to afford full fee and pay it. Together we make it possible for me to have these options available for others in need to access therapy!

What is a superbill?

A superbill is a detailed invoice outlining the services you received in therapy. When you request a superbill from us you are expected to pay after your session time and at the end of each month you receive a superbill in your client portal. If you have out of network benefits you can contact your insurance company to inquire about how to submit your superbills.

​Will you write me an ESA letter?

California law outlines that we must be in active treatment for at least 30 days (four appointments) before your therapist is able to write a letter recommending that you have an emotional support animal. Your therapist may ask to meet your pet virtually and conduct an additional assessment about how your pet supports you emotionally. Our practice does not consider any requests until you have met this requirement and it is not guaranteed that we will write you one.

Are you part of the LGBTQIA+ community?

Some of us are and some of us are proud allies. If you are interested in working with a therapist who has lived experienced please indicate so in your inquiry.

How long does therapy take?

Some people come to a few sessions and feel they accomplished what they needed, others like to meet with a therapist weekly for years. If you are coming in with a specific problem, typically therapy takes about 4-6 months. If you are looking to do deeper psychodyanmic work we will likely meet longer. Personally and ethically, we want our clients to feel they have solid coping skills, understand themselves and move through life without therapy. Your therapist will suggest reducing sessions, ending or taking a break when it is clinically appropriate. Sometimes clients who end therapy choose to come back after a big life event or if their symptoms pop back up after an unexpected trigger arises. We always welcome clients to check in if they need it. Together we can decide if returning to a regular schedule can benefit you.

What does a "higher level of care" mean?

Each therapist practices therapy within their scope of practice. This means if you need help with something they do not have experience in then it is not within their scope and we will need to refer you to the appropriate level of care. It is against the MFT code of ethics to treat someone out of your scope, we promise it is not a personal reason.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must cancel 48 hours before your scheduled session time. We understand emergencies happen, but there are no exceptions for this policy. This is an investment in yourself and if your therapist doesn't treat it like one it is likely you won't either. You are allowed 2 missed cancelled appointments per quarter, excess cancellations will be charged at the full fee. If you do have more than 2 missed/cancellations in a quarter, you will be taken off the regular schedule and discuss with your therapist if this is the right time for therapy. Aetna clients are responsible for cancelling 48 hours in advance and will be charged your clinician's full rate for late cancellations.

Partnership/Carelon clients are allowed 2 cancellations per quarter. If you cancel/miss more than 2 sessions per quarter, you will be taken off your therapist's regular schedule and will discuss with them if this is the right time for therapy.

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